Restaurateurs, hotel owners,
All your services and your universe in the hand of your customers instantly.

Restaurateurs, hotel owners,
All your services and your universe in the hand of your customers instantly.

It will be so nice for them…

A customized welcome

Customers have a direct access to your world as soon as they walk through the door: no waiting, no frustration.
Informed, reassured, confident: your customers are delighted and serene.

Easy to use

> The app is available from their mobile
> Without downloading

…and easy for you!

We are taking care of everything

> We are creating your app
> Quick availability
> QR code provided
> Full training of your team
> No tablets or additional electronical equipment needed
> Assistance helps 7/7

You are in charge of the app

Need to change? Update easily and quickly the pictures, the texts, and videos of your app.
Free your team! The information about your institution can be consulted with a simple click: your employees have more time to build a qualitative relationship with your customers!

Try out our application and discover its wonders:

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Try out our application
and discover its wonders

Easily update your content in real time

> Multiple available options to customize your app!

They choose Fermob

I have studied a lot the technology of QR codes and we decided to trust Fermob. We have a wine menu that counts 140K bottles. This is an important book which is expensive to print, therefore we will transform it into a digital book. I think that this is the future. This allows the customers to imagine our wines before they even drink them.

Managing director of Georges Blanc Group

The Back-office interface is well made, I can easily insert my digital menu, without having any computer or IT knowledge. We do not need to call our webmaster every morning for him to perform changes for my dish menu. This is easy for customers, and this is easy for us as restaurateurs.

Ludovic CAMPUS
Director of 3 restaurants «Bouchons» in Lyon :
Tupin, Bât d’Argent, Les Cordeliers

Our vision

The launching of Welcome® Smart Service is fully in line with Fermob’s vision and anticipate our future levers for growth on the Contracts markets.
Suggest, with an international dimension, and a permanent willingness for innovation, to individuals as well as professionals, a smart range of outdoor products with creative added value, under our brand and within the respect for our values and our French culture.

Bernard Reybier

For more information on our "Welcome® Smart Service", contact our sales team!