Vichy mon Amour,

The Special Projects department launches an exclusive lighting project for the “Vichy mon Amour” brand shop.

Vichy mon Amour & the BALAD H10 lamp: a very special story

Fermob had the pleasure to work alongside the Vichy Tourist Office on an exclusive lighting project led by the Special Projects department: the development of a custom BALAD lamp for the “Vichy mon Amour” brand shop.

Manon Chavant, in charge of development for the French town of Vichy, also known as “the Queen of Water Towns”, talks to us about her collaboration with Fermob and the Special Projects team:

Vichy is a serene, iconic and timeless town, internationally renowned for its water, checkered pattern, lozenge and cosmetics. In 2020, we opened Maison Vichy; a concept store dedicated to the Vichy mon Amour brand. Since then, we’ve continued to experiment by teaming up with renowned brands.
For us, Fermob is a staple of French design; a local company with iconic pieces. We initially approached the manufacturer for a furniture project. However, as we developed our outdoor line in parallel, we decided to start our collaboration with the customisation of the “BALAD” portable lamp, which has exploded in popularity in just a few years.

The finished product had to reflect Vichy mon Amour’s identity and a certain state of mind, i.e. being proud of our heritage without being nostalgic, timeless yet reinvented, preserving a unique identity while always being one step ahead of its time. Fermob’s Special Projects department worked alongside the Tourist Office to create simple, functional and sleek lettering, thus reflecting the product. In order to highlight the collaboration, the names of both brands are screen printed on the lamp’s aluminium handle. This printing technique is extremely precise, offering lettering that will remain in place over time, resisting damage such as UV rays.

"The “Fermob X Vichy mon Amour” BALAD lamps are currently available in two colours from our shop, and our relationship with the brand continues with a range of urban furniture. At Fermob, the Special Projects team is composed of passionate and creative people who are always up for a challenge and ready to listen."

Manon CHAVANT, Development Manager at Vichy Destinations.

Vichy mon Amour

Photo credits: Cindy Michaud - BALAD H10 lamp, screen-printed, exclusive collaboration with Vichy mon Amour

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