Sadni Si! project,

The historic BISTRO collection selected to furnish the streets of Slovakia’s capital

The city of Bratislava invites its residents to take a seat on Fermob chairs

Since 2019, Fermob’s famous BISTRO chair, which is found throughout the world, has taken over the public areas of Bratislava, thanks to the Sadni Si! (“take a seat”) project.

With this project, the capital city wanted to improve the quality of its public areas, and chose to focus its efforts on urban furniture rather than new construction projects. By increasing the options available for sitting down, it extends an invitation to the city’s population and visitors to stop for a while as they wander around the busiest areas, and showcases some of the city’s less well-known public areas, such as inner courtyards.

The city wanted mobile, versatile urban furniture that was easy to move around and suitable for a variety of usages, while ensuring that it blended in with the city’s landscapes and environment. The lightweight steel BISTRO range of folding furniture has been popular since the end of the 19th century thanks to its robust simplicity; it met all the criteria of the project specification. The choice of “Poppy” red is sufficient to attract attention and build a strong identity and each chair is customised with a screen-printed “”Sadni Si!” marking, thanks to Fermob’s special contracts department.

From April to September, more than 70 mobile BISTRO seats and 20 tables enable local residents and tourists from around the world to appropriate the city, helping to maintain social relationships.

Initially installed along the banks of the Danube or near the city’s public buildings, the BISTRO collection has now moved out into the peripheral districts, thanks to a growing number of volunteer partners. Every year, public institutions, city organisations and private companies can apply to borrow the furniture for the season, provided it is accessible to the public and properly maintained.

Sadni Si! is a collaborative project between Bratislava city council, the cultural and information centre of Bratislava, Slovenská sporiteľňa foundation and a number of local partners.

Photo credits: Bratislava city council

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