Sport Ouessant & Spa,
Ile d'Ouessant

The most westerly tip of France has a number of assets, including Sport Ouessant & Spa, a multi-purpose site devoted to well-being.

The site owner wanted outdoor furniture that was modular, robust and versatile

Sophie Chave’s ambitious project opened in August 2021. Sport Ouessant & Spa, member of The Originals, offers an incredible view of Lampaul bay. 

Sophie first met the Fermob team at the EquipHotel exhibition in 2018. “I had seen Vlaemynck furniture in a number of hotels. I knew that when I had my own establishment, I would be using Fermob and Vlaemynck furniture,” she confided.

Sport Ouessant & Spa is a multi-purpose site, the only one of its kind on this legendary island covering an area of 15.5km². Cosy luxury hotel, event venue and well-being centre… There are activities here for every taste and guests have access to facilities including a heated swimming lane, outdoor swimming spa pool, fitness gym, meditation room, reversible sauna (dry or humid heat), music room and winter garden. Fermob’s Contract team was delighted to work on this beautiful project with its various different areas.

Since the island is exposed to extreme weather conditions, it was very important for Sophie to find furniture that would withstand this particularly changeable climate: “Wind, rain, sun, tamarix residues… No matter the conditions, there is no need for any particular maintenance. All it takes to clean the furniture is a hose pipe.

Sophie’s other key requirement was modularity. “It was important that customers felt at home here. All the furniture is freely available. It has no designated place and is provided not so much to furnish a specific place, but for the guests to use as they wish, whether they want to work, relax or get together.

The SOMERSET bench, for example, might be in the spa changing room one day, but then moved to the garden the next to admire the view over the ocean. The combination of metal and teak offers unrivalled resistance to the outdoor conditions here. Another example can be found by the pool, where the PILOTIS sunloungers are paired with low tables from the RIVAGE collection. 

All the products from the two brands can be mixed and matched, both in terms of practicality and style. It means a multitude of possibilities when preparing events, from seminars to weddings,” added Sophie.

This combination of styles is an asserted choice. Some items are second-hand finds, others are designer creations or products made from different materials designed by an indoor architect.

“Our Fermob and Vlaemynck products go perfectly with the others - they are just the right kind of chic. We picked neutral shades and minimalist designs to preserve the serenity of the site.” The centre asked Fermob’s special contracts team for advice on seat personalisation, finally opting for a screen-printed logo. 

In winter, the furniture is put away in the garage.  “Most items can be quickly folded and stored. I’m always surprised by how little space it takes up.”

At the very tip of Brittany, Sophie has tamed the wild nature of Ouessant and welcomes couples, families and sports enthusiasts seeking peace and quiet, nature and rejuvenation to her ten accommodation options. 


Sophie CHAVE, manager of Sport Ouessant & Spa

Photo credits: Sport Ouessant & Spa

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