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The Mooon! collection was awarded the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, an internationally-renowned quality label, granted for a quality design that stands out. His smart lamps are inspired by the stylish 19th century street lamps of Parisian breweries and public parks, humbly revisited by the designer Tristan Lohner. Their globes elegantly sit upon their coloured aluminium base. The Mooon! lamps help create a friendly and welcoming setting in you establishment. Easy to use, these outdoor lamps -  H.41, H.63 and H.134 lamp models - can be recharged on a base. As for the H.63, H.134 and wall light, they can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet, thanks to the Fermob Lighting application developed by the brand. Choose a bright or soft light depending on whether you want to use your Mooon! Lamps in a dining or lounge space, or as bedside lamps in your hotel rooms. Indoor and outdoor lights for professionals that will draw your guests to your outdoor spaces, or poolside terrace for example, for longer moments.