REF V530651
Delivery area: England
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Product specifications

Seat and backrest cushions n°25 included
Seat frame in lacquered aluminium with stretched OTF
Holding ring for backrest cushion included
Picto coussin déhoussable VLMK (calculée) Picto coussin déhoussable VLMK (calculée)
Picto empilabilité VLMK (calculée) Picto empilabilité VLMK (calculée)
  • Natural solid teak Frame
    Natural solid teak slats backrest
    Natural solid teak armrests
    outdoor fabric solution-dyed acrylic OTF Batyline® Eden or OTF Batyline® Eden Waterproof
    Seat foam filling: polyurethane flock
    Backrest foam filling: polyurethane flock
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • L: 143.5 cm
  • Length – cushion: 57 cm
  • Width – cushion: 62 cm
  • H: 80.5 cm
  • Height – seat: 46.5 cm
  • Height – armrest: 57 cm
  • Width – armrest: 5 cm
  • Attachment to the ground: No