Les Halles du 610,

A Fermob-equipped Food Court that brings people together and delights!

A place that looks like a family adventure, loved as much for its atmosphere as its cuisine

The market hall Les Halles du 610 has been busy since it officially opened in September 2022.

This food court, built on a former car park on the outskirts of Montpellier, has helped to revive the area, much to the delight of local employees, tourists and residents. The market hall in Jacou is designed to be a friendly location proposing a food market, local suppliers and catering stands.

Gregory Jullien, one of the founders of the family-run business, explained that the team “was keen to use French-made furniture” and create a contemporary vibe. Although he was familiar with Fermob and its BISTRO chairs for the home, it was at the showroom in Mouans-Sartoux that he discovered the brand’s other ranges, and selected the most suitable products with the help of an advisor. “We were looking for tall furniture for our 17 stallholders; it had to be folding, robust and, most importantly, modular, because our goal is to create unique, temporary experiences.” 

Up to 500 people visit Les Halles 610 every day in winter, and this figure rises to 1000 in summer. It is open from breakfast until late in the evening, seven days a week. Every design detail of this 700m² area is important. 

“We loved the 3D diagrams produced by the Fermob team; they revealed new perspectives of our building and really helped us to visualise the place when we were hesitating between two collections,” recalled Gregory.

All the furniture complies with the site’s colour code thanks to the range of the colour chart. This gourmet complex is thus decked out in Honey, Anthracite and Opaline Green.

Each of the kiosks has Frédéric Sofia’s version of the Parisian chair, the LUXEMBOURG bar seat, in two versions, one stool, one chair, to ensure harmonious variety.

The central dining areas of Les Halles 610 are equipped with BISTRO tables and chairs, an iconic, centuries-old design, and LUXEMBOURG high tables and stools. 

The kid-friendly market hall has spared no efforts to welcome children, selecting miniature Mickey chairs (from a former capsule collection) and a few ADADA rocking horses.

In summer, the outdoor terraces are also equipped with Fermob furniture, with the same collections of seats arranged around large, folding, round CARACTERE tables, and the occasional authentic old wine barrel. High BASKET planters, created by designer Fabio Meliota, form a decorative boundary around the outdoor areas, preserving the privacy of the guests.

This is an ambitious, contemporary project that has found its audience; the Romagnoli family and their partners have thought of everything for their visitors. 

The merry team is already working on its next project, Les Halles Védasiennes, which combines a gourmet market hall area with a cookery school; Fermob has already been asked to equip this 3,700m² site.

"We are very happy with the Fermob furniture, which is a perfect fit for the original, friendly atmosphere of our gourmet market halls. We are planning to use LUXEMBOURG furniture and perhaps products from new collections for our second project, Les Halles Védasiennes."

Grégory JULLIEN, joint owner of Les Halles du 610.

Les Halles du 610
Rue Louis Bréguet
34830 Jacou

Photo credits: Les Halles 610 and ©Mario Sinistaj

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