Fermob USA Contract FAQs

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Ordering FAQ’s:

How do I contact Fermob USA if I have questions or need help placing an order?

You may reach us by filling out a Trade Application or by emailing us at commercial@fermobusa.com. Our goal is to respond to all messages within 2 business days.

When will my items be available? What if one of my items is out of stock or delayed?

If your items are in stock, they will be available to ship within 7-10 business days from order placement. If your items are in process with the factory, we will email you with the most up to date estimated ship date at time of order placement. If your items need to be manufactured in France, the estimated lead time is approximately 10-12 weeks for non-Bespoke items at this time. Please keep in mind that we may be affected by unexpected international supply chain issues that can cause delays.

How do I find out what you have in stock in the United States? How do I find a list of available items that are already in process with the factory? And may I purchase those items before they arrive?

You may see our full, real-time stocklist on our website here.

What payment methods are available?

Credit Card + Fee, ACH & Check. Please note, we do not accept credit cards from outside the USA. Payments outside the USA will need to be ACH only.

How can I check my order status?

Contact your Account Manager, Territory Manager, or local sales rep to check the status of your order. If you do not know who that is, please reach out to us through our Contact Us Form.

Can I return or exchange an item?

We do not offer returns or exchanges. ALL sales are final.

Will I have to pay sales tax on my order?

Yes, orders delivered in GA, CA, FL and NY will be charged sales tax.

How to order Bespoke Items?

Contact your Territory Manager, or local sales rep to inquire about bespoke items. 

Storage of items if they are not shipped out promptly when they arrive to the distribution center.

Please refer to Fermob USA’s terms and conditions.

Product FAQ’s:

What does Fermob mean?

“Fer” means “iron” and “mobilier” means “furniture” in French. Shorten each word and you get Fer+mob (iron furniture).

Near the ocean, what types of product should I purchase?

We highly recommend aluminum products for use in coastal, humid and salty-air environments as aluminum does not rust. Steel products are not recommended for coastal or poolside use as they will eventually rust. The speed of rust development depends on the environment and care given.

How can I see all of the available colors?

Click Here to see our digital color chart. We will be happy to mail you a physical color swatch card - simply fill out This Form.

Can I order custom colors?

Contact your Account Manager Territory Manager, or local sales rep to inquire about ordering custom colors.

What customization options are available?

Contact your Account Manager, T.M, or local sales rep to inquire about customization options. Available options include adaptation, laser cutting, silk-screen printing, extra coatings etc.

What kind of material does Fermob use?

For its furniture, Fermob chooses to use metal (steel or aluminum) for its incredible versatility. The metals we use are top-grade steel and aluminum. Fermob furniture can be either exclusively metal or a combination of metal and OTF (outdoor technical fabric, a type of PVC-coated polyester), woven polymer (Sixties), or outdoor fabrics in conjunction with top-quality renowned suppliers such as Ferrari and Dickson.

Is it okay to leave Fermob outside?

Yes! Fermob furniture is meant to live outdoors. The paint used is a 100% polyester, anti-UV powder paint, subject to standard tests for baking, hardness, resistance to scratches and corrosion. It is applied electrostatically to the furniture for optimal coverage, and then baked at a very high temperature.

How do I care for my Fermob products?

Clean metal surfaces when debris builds up. Bird droppings, sap, leaves (organic substances) and other potentially corrosive substances should be cleaned as soon as noticed.

To clean, use a gentle, naturally based all-purpose cleaner (or a mild dish soap) and a smooth cloth or sponge. Gently dust beforehand to avoid scratches due to existing rough particles. You can also occasionally use a bit of pure mineral oil to give your Fermob a clear coat that will both brighten and provide a gentle seal of protection.

Many Fermob designs are constructed of Steel. Treat these pieces like you would a car. Steel will rust once the outer paint layers are compromised or scratched through. If this occurs you may order a paint pen (to fill nicks and scratches), or a spray can (to cover larger areas). Keep in mind that by the nature of the material, Steel rusts. The timing will depend on the care and environment (humid or salty air speeds up this process).

Never leave your Fermob under a cover or non-breathing material such as a tarp. This will promote the deterioration of the finish. Fermob is happiest out in the open or stored away in a dry location with good air circulation.

Damages can begin at the base/feet. If you notice rubber feet missing from your tables or chairs, you may purchase replacements on our website by clicking here. If you do not see the part you need, email customerservice@fermobusa.com with a photo.

Is there a warranty?

Yes! Fermob products have a 2 or 3 year structural warranty. To see the full details, click here.

Is Fermob sustainable and earth-friendly?

Absolutely! Fermob furniture is designed to live outdoors, and is made using materials and processes that respect the environment. Environmental concerns have always been at the heart of the design and aesthetic qualities of Fermob’s creations.

We are dedicated to continually improving our environmental impact. Some examples include saving materials, limiting waste, reducing energy output, and reducing water use.

We also chose to use metal as our primary material of choice as approximately 98% of all iron and aluminum is now recycled worldwide. This means that Fermob can guarantee that its furniture is fully recyclable – and recycled.

We have earned Gold Exemplary Status with the Sustainable Furnishings Council

Where can I recycle my products?

Fermob furniture can be recycled at your local recycling center.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my furniture?

Please email your Account Manager with images of your products, a description of the damage, the quantity affected, and the Sales Order or Invoice number so that we may assist you.

Replacing light parts

Contact your Account Manager, Territory Manager, or local sales rep to inquire about replacement light parts.

Can items be Ground mounted?

Yes, certain products are made to stack. Contact your Account Manager, Territory Manager, or local sales rep for specific product information.

Can the product stack?

Yes, certain products are made to stack. You can find this information on the product page or in the technical booklet. Contact your Account Manager, Territory Manager or local Sales Rep for specific product information.

What testing does the product undergo?

Fermob furniture benefits from anti-corrosion treatment specifically for outdoor use and undergoes intensive tests at our laboratories, in accordance with general standards on safety (NF EN 58 1-1), stability (NF EN 1022), and resistance and durability for collective use (NF EN 581-2, NF EN 581-3).

Shipping & Handling FAQ’s:

When will my order ship?

In-stock items normally ship from our warehouse within 7-10 business days from time of order placement. For special order products,our customer service team will provide you with an estimated timeline after your order has been submitted.

How long does delivery take?

Transit times vary based on your location, carrier volume and time of year. Transit time to the West Coast is typically 5-7 business days & 3-5 business days for East Coast locations.

How do I track my order?

A tracking email will be sent to your email address once your items ship. You can also track information for your order inside your account on FermobUSA.com. The format of our emails usually provides the name of the Carrier and their PO #. Simply search the web for the name of the Carrier. Once the carrier’s website, plug in the PO # to see the latest tracking information.

Is shipping free?

We do not offer free shipping. Shipping is calculated during the order process.

What shipment options are available?

Small package (UPS & FedEx) and LTL.

How long are the freight quotes good for?

Freight quotes are valid for 30 days before the freight quote is considered expired.

How will my items arrive?

If your items ship via UPS Ground, they will be delivered to your front door like your other packages. If your items ship via truck, they will be delivered on a shrink-wrapped pallet. The trucking company will bring your pallet to the curb and ask you to sign the delivery receipt. Please inspect the outside of the pallet for any signs of damage before signing the receipt. Please note any damages you may see. The trucking company will not unpack your pallet or take any packaging with them.

So I need to ship this to a receiver or commercial address?

Home delivery is available for some clients. The trucking company will call you before delivery to schedule a delivery window. You must be present to inspect the pallet and sign the delivery receipt.

Where do the products ship from?

Products ship from our US headquarters/warehouse just north of Atlanta, Georgia.

Will the trucking company take the pallet with them?

No, the trucking company will not take any trash or packaging with them.

How do I properly receive my delivery?

Please inspect the outside of the pallet(s) for any signs of damage before signing the receipt. This includes torn shrink wrap, crushed boxes, and holes. Please note any damages you may see on the delivery receipt.

Can I ship to a PO Box?

No, we cannot ship to a PO Box.

Can you ship to a Canadian address? Caribbean address? Hawaii?

Yes, we can. You may place your order with your Account Manager and your portion of the shipping cost and duties and taxes will be added after order placement.