Martin Restaurant,
Renaissance Paris République

Nestled in its remarkably green entrance, this restaurant allows you to disconnect in a natural space in the heart of Paris.

A plant break

Isolated form the hustle and bustle of Paris, this restaurant at the heart of the Saint Martin canal invites you to its terrace surrounded by plant walls for a relaxing and lively experience. This new Parisian hotspot offers meals and brunch throughout the day. Formerly a hangout for artists, the restaurant preserves a truly unique feel. Visitors will be in awe as they enjoy the works displayed all around them...
For a culinary break, guests are invited to comfortably enjoy their meals on LORETTE seats in 3 different colours: Acapulco Blue, Honey and Nutmeg, combined with modular tables with STELLO bases and compact laminate table tops in dark Concrete Effect.
For more lounge-like moments, sit back on the RIVAGE collection (covered with a HORIZON fabric) with a few LORETTE cushions to match your dining seats. Enjoy long-lasting dining experiences as you are gently allow yourself to be transported by the artistic setting.

Photos credit: Arnaud CHILDERIC, studio Kalice

The Martin Restaurant is part of the Hively Hospitality Group.
Watch the feedback from Maylis Rollin Tournier, Purchasing and Design Director for the group:

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