NEWH | The Hospitality Industry Network - Los Angeles, CA

Infinity Contract Resources will be joined by Blake Roberts, our Fermob USA territory manager on September 25th at NEWH!

Fermob USA is excited to participate alongside Infinity Contract Resources in NEWH on September 25th, a premier international platform uniting the hospitality industry! NEWH plays a vital role in fostering connections, offering scholarships, providing educational resources, nurturing leadership development, recognizing excellence, and presenting valuable business development opportunities. This event serves as a hub for industry professionals, creating a dynamic space for collaboration and growth within the hospitality sector.

Diane from Diane Collier Group will be joined by our Fermob USA territory manager, Blake Roberts, at ASLA 2024!

In collaboration with Fermob USA, Diane Collier Group will be attending the Texas ASLA Annual Conference and Expo April 24th-26th. ASLA centers around landscape architecture. It highlights projects such as parks, campuses, streetscapes, and residences that strengthen and connect communities, reflecting the broader goal of achieving harmony between human activities and the natural world.

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